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Dyed Mule Deer Antler Flat Blade Utility Hunter
  • Dyed Mule Deer Antler Flat Blade Utility Hunter

    SKU: FBH 0251

    Blade Length: 3 1/2 inches

    Blade Width: 3/4 inch

    Blade Thickness: 1/16 inch

    Blade Material: CPM 154 Stainless flat stock

    Handle Length: 4 1/4 inches

    Total Knife Length: 7 3/4 inches


    This utlity hunter features an amazing piece of Mule Deer Antler!  It almost looks jigged, since the pattern on the horn is so perfect!  Randy dyed the horn brown and wrapped it with sinew at the blade.   He also incorporated a mosaic pin into the the butt end of the horn and added a brass thong hole through which he theaded a leather lanyard for security.   He also built an intregal guard into the blade to keep your finger off the cutting edge. The 1/16 flat stock CPM 154 blade (59-60 RC) is satin finshed with an arrowhead etched into the back of the blade, while his logo is etched on the front.  The advantage of a thin flat blade is that it is light to carry and can be sharpened repeatedly without getting into thicker steel.   A Reptilian Kydex sheath with adjustable belt loop is included.

    • Warranty

      All Randy Lee Knives are fully guaranteed to be free of defects in both workmanship and materials for Randy's lifetime.  We will repair or replace with a new knife any product found to be defective.


      We do not warranty our products against normal wear or use.  Randy Lee Knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars, or screwdrivers.  If your knife is damaged due to misuse or accident, we can analyze the damage and make repairs for a reasonable fee.

    • Shipping Policy

      Shipping is included free of charge anywhere in the continental United States.  If chosing to ship outside of this area, shipping fees will be applied to total purchase price.

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